Featherstream propeller

The FeatherStream Propeller is a simple solution to many problems that can be caused by fixed propellers. When sailing, the propeller automatically feathers to give minimum drag, improving your average sailing speed by as much as 15%, compared to a fixed 3 bladed prop. It requires no operating system and fits directly onto the existing prop shaft. Delivered fully assembled and ready to be fitted.

They are almost as easy to fit as a fixed propeller. With its unique external pitch adjuster and its ability to fit into a restricted aperture if required, we believe FeatherStream to be one of the finest feathering propellers on the market today.

The propeller has a nickel aluminium bronze body, stainless steel 316 heat treated blades and an external pitch adjuster allowing for fine tuning the pitch of the propeller in less than 15 minutes.

Featherstream propellerFeatherstream propeller









Available sizes: 12" – 20" diameter

3 & 4 blade options

uits prop' shafts up to ISO35mm

Shaftdrive fitting as standard

Saildrive options

CLASSICMAR are FeatherStream Propeller distributors.

FeatherStream  (download PDF)

However, the FeatherStream range of propellers is a simple solution to allow your yacht to perform to it full potential in all circumstances.