Average sailing speed often increased by 15%

The Darglow FeatherStream range of propellers allow your yacht to perform to its full potential in all circumstances. FeatherStream fully feathering propellers are made in the UK by Darglow Engineering in Wareham Dorset.

They range from 12” to 20” diameter, all with 3 or 4 feathering blades FeatherStream propellers require no operating system and fit directly to the existing shaft or saidrive leg:

  • The appropriate forward or reverse drive is automatically achieved when the engine is run ahead or astern.
  • In forward drive - near to fixed propeller performance, in reverse - greatly improved manoeuvring.
  • When the yacht is sailing the FeatherStream automatically feathers to give minimum drag. Average sailing speed is often increased by 15%. The shaft remains stationary and there is no need for a shaft brake.
  • One big advantage of the FeatherStream range is the ability to fit into restricted apertures. Normally if there is a space for a fixed propeller, you can fit a FeatherStream propeller.
  • Easily Pitch Adjustable

Sailing is transformed!

‘...the boat achieves around 1 knot extra... the boat stops within its own length...best of all the sailing is transformed’ Mr. Buchanan

FeatherStream by Classicmar (download PDF)

However, the FeatherStream range of propellers is a simple solution to allow your yacht to perform to it full potential in all circumstances.